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Chris Waters - Director of Operations

Chris Waters comes to Beachside Behavioral Health with over 7 years’ experience in recovery. He has held a variety of positions in the substance abuse field including case management, operations, client care and program management. His greatest characteristics are his honesty, compassion, and modesty. His innate ability to teach and encourage clients is without comparison. Chris leads by example and he strives to provide a safe environment for young men in early recovery. Chris believes in a three-prong approach that encompass the mind, body and soul together with a strict routine and solid foundation to help them accomplish their goals and achieve long term sobriety.  He values the integrity of the Beachside Behavioral Health team and has helped to build a strong team and establish a meaningful sense of comradery throughout the organization. In his time off, you can often find him working out in the gym, playing basketball, or spending time with wife and two dogs Jack and Dulce.

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Zachariah Zipse - Operations Manager

Originally from Boston Massachusetts, Zach moved to California in 2013 and began his personal journey of recovery, and soon after he found his passion in helping others. Since working in the recovery field Zach has worked as a lead men’s support staff at the residential level, and currently as an operations manager of the PHP program. Zach tries to live a life of service helping others find their way out of addiction and work towards their personal goals of achievement. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with friends, family and dogs! He believes an essential piece of recovery is learning to love ourselves again and understand that our past actions do not define who we are as an individual.

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Brian Welsh - Detox/Residential Manager

Brian Welsh has worked in the addiction treatment field since 2013.  He started his path as a driver for an inpatient residential facility.  He quickly learned the business and the importance of putting the clients first, which led to his promotion to Operations Supervisor.  Brian transitioned to Beachside in January 2017 and works closely with all Detox/RTC staff, Client Care Coordinators and Client Advocates.

Brian is a firm believer that taking care of his staff will ensure high quality client care.  He’s hard working, leads by example, and will always go the extra mile for a successful outcome.  Since joining Beachside, Brian has taken on projects such as preparing the facilities for Joint Commission accreditation, renewing and maintaining state licenses, and aiding in the revamping of programming schedules.  Brian is part of an incredible team whose main focus is always to create a positive client experience.

Brian is passionate about working with those in early recovery who are attempting to rebuild their lives.  He lends himself to service work at every opportunity and is open to sharing his story. Brian feels his own personal experience in recovery from substance abuse has placed him a position to help others.

Brian is a dedicated husband and loving father, who enjoys weekends with family and taking his son to soccer practice.  He also enjoys watching the 49ers, Lakers and Angels every chance he gets.

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Heather D'Angelo - BHT Supervisor

Heather D’Angelo is in recovery and has a sobriety date of December 2, 2013. Heather will graduate in February 2019 with a CDAC from CCAPP Academy and also plans to continue her studies. Heather is currently an Operations Supervisor and has worked for the company since January 2016. She started as support staff and then decided that working in treatment was a huge opportunity to give back her sobriety by being a “helper” to others while they are taking their first steps towards recovery. In her spare time Heather enjoys going to AA conventions and traveling to Europe.

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Holly Stewart - BHT Supervisor

Holly Stewart is our Female Detox/Residential Operations Supervisor. She started working in treatment in 2014 as a way to help as many suffering addicts as possible with their journey in recovery. She began working for Beachside Recovery in 2016, initially as a Behavioral Health Technician and has worked her way to Operations Supervisor. She utilizes her sense of humor and empathy to connect with her residents in hopes of creating a loving and comfortable environment for residents during this vulnerable time in their lives. In her free time, Holly loves hosting dinners for her fiancé, family, and friends. She enjoys reading self-help books, journaling, and traveling.

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Marco Aguiluz - BHT Supervisor

Marco was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in Manila where he went to school and earned his bachelor’s Degree in nursing. He got his Licensure and was a Registered Nurse in the Philippines. Marco moved to California in 2016, and first started working with seniors with dementia. He then moved on and got his first job in recovery at Beachside, with Marco’s background he is able to provide compassionate care for clients he comes across and is able to speak and relate to clients on a personal level, Marco is passionate about helping people realize their full potential and the importance of health. He is an advocate of living life to its fullest.



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