Intensive Outpatient Program ( IOP)

Beachside Emotional Wellness offers both intensive outpatient (IOP) and outpatient programs (OP). These addiction recovery options offer introduction into 12-step programs, various types of therapy, as well as the establishment of an extended network of support. Intensive outpatient programs allow clients to come to therapy every day without disrupting outside commitments. Our mission is to get as many people sober as possible, but we also want to see them fulfilled by living a life of reward. Education takes a backseat when someone is focused on obtaining and using addictive substances. We encourage you to become involved in some sort of educational activity during your stay at our addiction treatment centers. You will attend individual meetings with counselors to support you in your recovery and with reconnecting with education, job hunting, personal relationships and career preparation. In addition to fostering your sobriety, our intensive outpatient programs are committed to helping you kick start your life and give you a sober, clear-headed foundation to do so.

When clients enroll into our intensive outpatient program, our addiction specialists will perform comprehensive assessments to determine the individual’s substance dependence and addiction history. Our expert staff is committed to working together to give our clients what they need to succeed in their new sober lives. Depending on the severity of each addiction, clients may be administered medications to ease the detoxification process. At the beginning of treatment, each client will be assigned a team of experienced counselors and staff members. Throughout the course of your recovery program, you will meet with these professionals weekly for sessions to track your progress and recovery. During your first meetings with a case manager, the experts will guide you through an addiction severity evaluation to address your dependence upon chemical toxins and address how they will be dealt with during treatment. Based on the assessment, your therapists will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan that is tailored to your needs and circumstances.

Case Manager

Comprehensive Care

Your case manager is responsible for much of your treatment. Each week, the addiction expert will make phone calls to your family in order to keep them informed of your progress. In addition, the case manager will address any legal issues you may be facing. Due to the progression of addiction recovery, the court system finally directs individuals to addiction treatment programs instead of incarcerating them. The case managers at Beachside Emotional Wellness have established relationships with probation officers and judges to lobby for treatment over imprisonment.

    IOP Daily Life

    Throughout the course of treatment we will work with you to identify and treat any psychological problems that may have developed due to extended periods of substance abuse. We also offer relapse prevention techniques, positive coping mechanisms, and sober social norms. Beachside Recovery Center is committed to your success. As such, we offer classes on budgeting, creating resumes, relaxation techniques, maintenance of bodily well-being, and more. As you begin to incorporate these skills into your daily life, you will work with your case manager to develop a concrete discharge plan. This is important because the client continues to receive support for long-term sobriety. We will work with you to decide what aftercare options and transitional support will best help you maintain your recovery.

    Throughout the course of your treatment, we will work to identify and treat any psychological issues that may have developed during extended substance abuse by offering relapse prevention techniques, positive coping mechanisms, and social support. Beachside Emotional Wellness is committed to your success and sobriety. Offering guidance on budgeting, writing resumes, relaxation techniques, healthy lifestyle choices, and more. As you begin to incorporate these skills into your daily life, you’ll work with your case manager to develop a concrete aftercare plan. This is crucial because it enables each client to receive support for long-term sobriety. We will help you decide which aftercare options and transitional support will help you maintain your recovery most effectively.

    While participating in inpatient care, you will join others in group therapy every week. You will also have access to a gym. Our programs are focused on helping you maintain a proper diet and exercise as a means of helping with depression, anxiety, and establishing regulated sleep patterns. In order to be involved in IOP, you must be stable enough to be able to avoid around the clock treatment and have the recommendation of your case manager.

    Beachside Emotional Wellness emphasizes group bonding and off-site activities, offering a wide variety of outings and activities as part of recreational therapy. We also offer clients the opportunity to suggest new activities and places to go during outings. Group activities include, hiking, yoga, meditation, and other outdoor activities. In addition, clients also have the opportunity to go to the movies on weekends. The goal of our outpatient addiction recovery program is to set achievable goals that enable successful and long-term sobriety. Our addiction treatment programs generally last 30, 60, or 90 days and can even be extended to 6 months if necessary. It is imperative that you are open minded when seeking treatment. It is possible that you may need to remain in the program longer than you had thought originally in order to overcome a substantial dependence. Amenities of our programs include transportation and nutritious meals made by private chefs.

    Part of the program involves improving yourself. This outlook is extremely beneficial because it covers your personal goals and assesses your current mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional state. The workbook you create will document your progress and includes a timeline and journal to vent how substance abuse has affected your life. You can write about life before and after treatment, as well as your desires for the future. These workbooks are key to mapping out a plan for a sober future and helping you cope with the past.

    The daily schedule at Beachside Emotional Wellness involves therapy sessions, exercise, educational group meetings, and more. It’s our goal to help keep you motivated to stay sober while educating you about addiction and recovery as much as possible. Addiction professionals, counselors, and case managers will take care of all the extraneous details. They will also keep your family informed about evaluations, therapy, and test results that you complete while in our care.