Our Rehab Location

Welcoming Atmosphere

The opulent facility at Beachside Emotional Wellness is a place you can truly call home during the detoxification process and into long-term addiction recovery.

    Natural Environment

    Our facility provides gorgeous coastal scenery to promote restoration and healing during your time with us.

      Idyllic Location

      The cool temperatures, relaxed area, and sunny afternoons allow you to recover in a tranquil and ideal location.

        Guaranteed Confidentiality

        While you go through withdrawal symptoms during detox, we guarantee that your thoughts and secrets will be kept completely confidential. Your privacy is of utmost concern to us.

          Traveling to Beachside Emotional Wellness

          If you are traveling to our location from afar, like many do, we keep help with any transportation that you may need. Give us a call today and we will work out the best solution to get you here and get working on the rest of your life.