Beachside Emotional Wellness Residential Inpatient

Following a full and successful detoxification that has been supervised in a clinical setting, clients have the opportunity to take part in residential inpatient treatment. Your participation in residential inpatient treatment will be determined with your case manager and is based on your substance use history and the severity of your dependence. Our addiction recovery facility is a safe, orderly environment where we promote restoration and healing as a part of everything we do. The program is comprehensive, focusing on both the physical and psychological effects of drug addiction. There is a large benefit of being involved in a community of therapeutic support because it creates a platform for support and encouragement between peers as they strive to succeed in their recovery. Being supported by other clients who have been through similar experiences is extremely beneficial throughout recovery.

Recovery Process


The residential inpatient program at Beachside Emotional Wellness involves educational sessions, various types of therapy, 12-step meetings, an individual treatment plan, as well as group outings and exercise. During weekdays, clients will attend meetings and group sessions that are designed to encourage the exploration of issues that arise during the addiction recovery process. Our experienced staff members will work one-on-one with each client to find the root causes of their substance use. During this stage, we offer drug and addiction education classes and family therapy sessions to address how a client’s substance use has impacted filial relationships.

    Relapse Prevention

    Group Meetings

    A key factor in an addiction recovery program is attending group meetings and therapy sessions. Every week each individual has the opportunity to talk about their treatment with a case manager and discuss if any changes need to be made to their individualized treatment plan. Each client’s program will consist of therapy, group meetings, positive coping mechanisms, relapse prevention techniques, and off-site activities. Residential inpatient programs at Beachside Emotional Wellness is an around the clock addiction recovery program that boasts top-of-the-line comprehensive care and luxurious amenities within a beachside community.

      Our residential programs offer a concentrated amount of care, as well as luxurious amenities like transportation to and from treatment, access to fitness centers, and private chefs for three meals a day. Beachside Emotional Wellness will enable restoration and healing in your life or the life of a loved one.