Packing List for Treatment

Please make a note of the fact that upon entering Beachside Emotional Wellness, your belongings will be subject to search in order to ensure the integrity of the environment in our addiction recovery program. No need to bring bedding, blankets, or towels: all of these amenities will be provided for you. No weapons are allowed in our facility, including knives. We respectfully request that any clothing you bring is appropriate for the rehab atmosphere, and please do not bring any clothing that bears logos or symbols that relate to alcohol or drugs. We also ask that you avoid clothing that is too revealing of the legs or midriff, clothing depicting violence, or clothes that might be mistaken for gang symbols.


We recommend that you bring a total of ten complete outfits, including five pairs of pants and five pairs of shorts. You may want to bring some extra t-shirts and sweatshirts, as well. A bathing suit will prove useful, and you may want to bring accessories associated with working out, such as sunscreen, workout clothes, and a backpack. In the event that you forget anything, family members will be able to send additional items to you.


Additionally, Beachside Emotional Wellness provides a program called “Money on Books” (or M.O.B.). If desired, your family members may leave you money to make purchases. Once you have a balance in your account, you will then be given prepaid debit cards (at no point are clients permitted to have cash). Each week, appropriate clients will be taken on a shopping trip, where you will be given the opportunity to purchase items such as snacks, cigarettes, and non-alcoholic beverages. Through the M.O.B. program, you can be assured that you’ll be able to get everything you need, even if you left something essential at home.