Beachside Behavioral Health

We provide an idyllic location in which you can pursue and achieve your recovery goals. Our facilities provide all the amenities of home, allowing you to concentrate on your treatment while relaxing in our luxurious environment.

Why Beachside Behavioral Health

At Beachside Behavioral Health, we understand that the road to recovery can be challenging to reach. That’s why we fully commit to accompanying our clients during their journey to overcome dependency on drugs or alcohol.

Our caring staff will do everything in their power to ensure that you feel comfortable and welcomed at our facility. Our staff places an emphasis on building a community, and making sure you have the resources at your disposal necessary for you to reach recovery.

Customized Treatment

Thanks to our extensive experience providing addiction recovery treatment to a wide variety of individuals, we know that every client is unique, and by extension, every addiction is unique, as well. Knowing this, we are committed to providing the best possible care for each client and each unique situation. That’s why we ensure that each and every client receives a complete entrance evaluation, allowing us to better get to know you and the details of your situation. Once we have that information at our disposal, we’ll be able to use your unique variables to formulate an especially effective addiction recovery plan.

At Beachside Behavioral Health, our clients are our top priority. During your stay with us, you’ll be taught positive, healthy coping mechanisms that will help you make it through day-to-day life in recovery. Thanks to therapeutic meetings — including both one-on-one sessions with a counsellor and group meetings with your peers — you’ll have plenty of time for reflection and consideration as you begin to understand the underlying elements of your addiction. In addition, group therapy sessions will give you the opportunity to begin building a sober support system that can last well after you’ve graduated from our addiction recovery program.

Once you’ve resolved to seek help for your addiction, it can be challenging to determine where you should seek this help from. At Beachside Behavioral Health, our experienced staff is eager to provide you with cutting-edge treatment in an idyllic and comfortable environment. Recovery is within your reach. If you’re ready to free yourself from the confines of addiction and begin living life according to your rules, contact us today.