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We offer a number of different treatment options at our substance abuse treatment facility. These include your choice of a variety of 12-step programs, such as faith-based recovery, available 5 to 7 days per week. In addition, we also ensure that clients who choose to do so are able to take part in non-12-step programs which promote recovery, such as science-based recovery. We won’t utilize a program unless it has been demonstrated to be effective by qualified peer-reviewed studies.

Educational Sessions

We believe that education is an essential component of a successful addiction recovery program. To that end, we provide informative sessions that help increase the knowledge our clients have about substance abuse. By better understanding addiction through programs on chemical dependence and relapse prevention, we can help ensure you are equipped with the necessary tools to face substance abuse head-on. We hold classes Monday through Friday.

Holistic Recovery

An emphasis is placed on holistic treatment at our substance abuse treatment facility. We know that they key to lasting addiction recovery treatment is to ensure that the entire body is given the support it needs to reach the goals set for recovery. In order to accomplish this, we provide weekend excursions to provide clients the opportunity to take part in recreational therapy. We also encourage all clients to take part in daily exercise, an activity which has been demonstrated to boost the efficacy of addiction recovery treatment.

Sound Healing

Experience an unparalleled path to addiction recovery through Hummingbird Sound Healing. By utilizing quartz crystal bowls, planetary gongs, and shamanic drums and flutes, we can guide each client into the inner realm within their mind. We apply the techniques of sensory deprivation — including pillows, blankets, yoga mats, closed eyes, and aromatherapy — to free the mind from unnecessary external distraction, allowing for deep meditation and thorough contemplation of the self.


Art Therapy

At our addiction recovery treatment center, we are proud to offer the chance to take part in the art therapy program. Under the careful guidance of our staff, you will have the opportunity to utilize a number of different artistic mediums in order to overcome issues that may be preventing you from making a full recovery.




At our addiction recovery center, we offer yoga classes. Research has demonstrated that yoga can prove to be an invaluable tool in the battle against addiction.



Breathwork is another addiction recovery technique we offer clients at our program. This singular approach to healing and self-exploration integrates knowledge from a plethora of different schools of thought, including anthropology, transpersonal psychology, modern consciousness research, mystical traditions of the world, various depth psychologies, and Eastern spiritual practices.


Academic Support

For those who are working toward academic goals, we provide special targeted support. Take part in one on one therapy designed to provide support toward achieving academic goals. We also provide academic counseling and assistance completing college applications. Special sessions with tutors can be arranged, and we provide classes that can help teach life skills. Transportation between classes and our addiction recovery treatment center can also be arranged.


Professional Support

At Beachside Behavioral Health, we also have a special program geared toward providing support for clients who are searching for work. We provide support by assisting with resume building and providing assistance with the job search. You’ll be prepared to put your best foot forward after taking part in our simulated interviews. We also provide support for success by offering classes on budgeting techniques.



We may utilize a registered dietitian for each level of care at our drug rehab clinic. This program includes an initial screening and assessment of nutrition, fully planned meals, education on eating healthy, regular weekly follow-up assessments, nutrition groups, and regular assessment of weight loss and weight gain.

Weekend Outings

Clients at our addiction recovery center regularly receive the opportunity to take part in weekend outings. The activities offered for these outings must be appropriate for recovery, and are decided upon by the staff and clients. In some instances, a waiver may be necessary for participation in the outing.


On Saturdays, you are offered the opportunity to take part in a recreational outing. These outings consist of a number of different possible activities, such as hiking, paddle boarding, go-kart racing, indoor rock climbing, paddle boarding, indoor skydiving, beach trips, movies, professional sporting events, tai chi, and amusement parks.


On Sundays, you have the opportunity to attend either the gym or church services. Meditative breathing education, yoga, and tai chi are also available on Sundays.


Proof of Attendance

We know that every person’s situation is different. If you need proof of your attendance in our program, we can submit proof to probation officers, employers, parole officers, courts, and Employee Assistance Plans (EAP). We can provide letters of attendance on a weekly basis, as well as regular reports on program progress and letters confirming graduation once the program has been completed.





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